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Start selling online
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Eliminate borders with your own online store, designed to help you sell more.


Averages around

₱150K - 200K

One Time Cost

We'll be honest; around 90% of online sellers would do fine on Shopify. It's simple and easy to manage with considerably more affordable maintenance costs than Magento. However, its simplicity may be a downside for sellers who wants a more customized site, as well as those with more extensive inventories.

Consider this if the following describes you:

  • I just want to sell online
  • I want to run things myself
  • I only have a handful of items

Magento CE

Averages around

₱220K to 300K

One Time Cost

Magento is an open-source and comprehensive eCommerce platform. Being open-source means developers can customize the platform endlessly, while being comprehensive makes it more comfortable to scale up. BUT that also means it requires more resources and expertise to maintain.

Consider this if the following describes you:

  • I want a future-proof site
  • I'm willing to pay for developers
  • I have more than a thousand products


Averages around

₱120K - 200K

One Time Cost

Did you know that 35% of the internet runs on WordPress? It's our platform of choice for non eCommerce website development projects. Similar to Magento, it is open-source and is easy to customize while having a user-friendly content management system. In fact, our site runs on WordPress!

Consider this if the following describes you:

  • I need an informational site
  • I'm willing to spend a little for the upkeep.
  • I need more customization than
NOTE: After we build your site, we can also maintain it as part of our Operate service.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the prices fixed?

Not at all! We know that each project is unique. We give a final price after scoping out your exact requirements. Your final cost may come out cheaper or more expensive. The biggest cost factor? FEAUTRES.

How long does development take?

After we agree on a final design, development would take around 4 to 12 weeks for your standard site. Add another week or two to upload all the content, and you have a rough timeline of how long everything would take. Of course, if you have more complex requirements, things will take longer.

Can I change things in the middle of development?

Yes! We know requirements may change in the middle of a project, so we’re open to accommodating minor changes here and there. However, if these requests become too frequent or are too complex (such as an entirely new feature), we will let you know of any cost implications.

Will you teach me how to operate the site?

Unfortunately, no. One of our considerations for going with established platforms like Shopify, Magento and WordPress is that there are countless resources on how to manage them. On the upside, we’ll share the documentation made available by each respective company to help guide you if you choose to run things on your end!

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We’re a team of eCommerce experts who are all about helping brands sell online through their online store, Lazada mall, and Shopee online shopping. Whether you need help with an eCommerce website, or if you’re just on the lookout for a website developer in general, we’re more than happy to have a chat and see where we can help or who we can refer to you if we can’t.